Warriors screening Saturday

Yesterday was the second day of festivities for this year’s bicycle film festival which also happens to be the 10 year anniversary of bike movie
mayhem. Thursday was the opening of the joy ride art show which is becoming a festival tradition. Artists from around the world show off paintings, photographs and sculpture all pertaining to…you guessed it, the bicycle. The show is at the Dash Gallery, 172 Duane St. in lower Manhattan. Last night the < a href=""> PoleRiders showed up with their now famous pole dancing trike to the gleeful joy of the gallery partipants. Although an art installation of it’s own, the trike couldn’t fit in the gallery so the party ended up in the streets. This of course quickly brought the NYPD who never want to miss a party having anything to do with bikes. They claim they were responding to complaints of neighbors angry with excessive noise. The police responded by blasting some sort
of new sound canon which of course is…even worse excessive noise.

pictures and a report back from Animal
magazine here.

Tonight there are lots of bike movies at the festival including: “the Birth of Big air.” about bmx legend Matt Hoffman. The festival runs through Sunday and all screenings are in Manhattan at the Anthology Film Archives (32 2nd ave. between 2nd and 1st Ave.)

Tomorrow there is a ton going on:

There is the BFF block party, out front of the anthology, 12-7pm. Another BFF tradition. A whole days worth of tricks events, vendors and a gathering of NYC bike culture. Think of it as a bicycle block party.

At 4:00pm there will be a screening of “the best of BFF.” I am proud to have a documentary I helped to make called: “Warriors, the bike ride.” Back in 2002 the messenger community decided they wanted an event that all city riders could be a part of. Something that would really symbolize NYC, especially post 911. The answer was a ride based on the cult classic the warriors. 800 people participated in this all night event that followed the path of the movie warriors from the Bronx to Coney Island. Along with bike punk legend and film maker Chris Ryan (Team Spider) and award winning film maker Jesse Epstein, we compiled hundred hours of tape to show off this amazing time. There will also be a screening of another classic. Andrew Lynn and Elizabeth Press’s “Still We Ride” about the crackdown on critical mass following the Republican National Convention in 2004. There will be a bike ride to this 4:00pm screening hosted by Chris Ryan and Time’s Up. Here are details:

Title: Still We Ride Ride
Date: Saturday, June 19th, 2010
Time: 1:30 PM
Location: 99 S 6th St, Williamsburg Brooklyn
Summary: Has it really been 5 (!) years since the STILL WE RIDE premier at the Bike Film Fest? Why yes it has, and now SWR is headlining Bicycle Film Festival’s greatest hits as the BFF celebrates its 10 (!!) year anniversary… feeling old yet?
Details: Well work off those years with a Times-up! Still We Ride RIDE, starting at the X-up Brooklyn Space, the ride will be led by SWR co-director Chris Ryan as he takes you on an exploratory tour of key locations, arrest points, and detention centers, while not forgetting to highlight the strengthening of bicycling community and video collectives, who are now so strong, organized and efficient, that they may secretly owe a debt of gratitude to the NYPD and their relentless persecution.
Tentative schedule:

1:30 PM – Meet in front of the XUP space at 99 South 6th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

1:45 PM – Ride over WillyB Bridge…

2:00 PM – Pick up riders on Manhattan side WillyB Bridge (then see the Manhattan Sights)

3:15 PM – Pick up Tompkins Square Riders (then see East Village sights)

3:40 PM – Lock up at the BFF Street Party @ Anthology Film Archives…

4:00 PM – See the movie… recommended to get tix in advance (SWRR riders will get a special SWR Gift)

more info about this film:

Don’t forget about the Alleycat too, hosted by Stone Tone. It ends at the BFF.

Meet at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn.
12pm registration, 1pm race. $10.00

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