Winners of Rumble thru da Bronx 7

Quick note: Congratulations to the winners of this years RUMBLE THRU DA BRONX 7:
(Crihs on the right)
(posted by CK on forum)
Overall Top Ten:
1. Crihs
2. Austin
3. JT
4. Kai (1st out of town and 1st fixed)
5. Trimble
6. Eli
7. Jun
8. Izumi
9. Prentiss
10. Taka

Crihs wins tickets to this year’s Cycle Messenger World Championships in Guatemala

and for the Ladies:

1. Jenessa-Congratulations, you’re going to Guatemala…see all that pre-course riding paid off.
2. Megan (Boston)
3. Julie (b

and the outta-towners:

1. Kai (Berlin)
2. Rory (Boston)
3. Mr Nice (LA)

1 comment to Winners of Rumble thru da Bronx 7

  • Nadir


    Jenessa and Crihs, looking forward to seeing ya in Panajachel, Solola Guatemala for the 18th CMWC. Great Job!!!! Thanks again NYC for always supporting the little people and Guatemala. Much LOve from Panajachel hope to see the rest of the NYC crew in Guatemala.

    Nadir OLivet
    El Presidente
    CMWC Guatemala Sept 3-13

    ps Love ya NYC!!!!