World Naked Bike Ride NYC report back

From organizer Mellow Yellow:
You might have awoken Sunday morning, like me, wondering if what happened Saturday was some sort of hallucination. Well, I can’t really say that I believe it still either, but as far as I know of reality, it did happen. We gathered together, we disrobed a bit together, joyfully painted each other, and did an awesome ride together. The joy in the streets and on the sidewalks and even in the cars was overpowering, while the joy in our hearts and bodies was beyond empowering…perhaps it was enlightening!

Thank you all for participating in all the ways that you did. This ride was a testament to how a diverse community can come together to create the space we need to be safe, supportive and free, instead of the usual fare we have had imposed upon us by those with delusions of power, thinking can exploit us and our energy while destroying our bodies and planet.

This ride was a huge success: About 200 participants, a very friendly atmosphere (as far as I know), a smooth ride with some great stops, and only one participant being ticketed for blocking traffic. That person was crucial to the success of the ride and I hope if he needs support, the community will be there for him. In fact, after an experience this intense and wonderful, we all might need some support as we return to the mundane life. Let’s do our best to be there for each other.

Let’s share our WNBR NYC experiences, the photos, the videos, the stories. The more of this we can do right away, the greater our impact will be in the days which follow. E-mail me links to your photos, or your firsthand accounts and we can put them up on the blog. Ignore those haters and trolls in the comments sections or blogs. Body-shame from sitting in cars or in front of computers has left them very insecure, fearful and helpless.

Some video from the NYPOST

Photos by Jamie.
Photos by Kieferman.
Photos by dogseat

Article in Gothamist

I hope everyone had as good a time as I did, and I know we will build on this success for future rides of similar nature. So many participants expressed deep gratitude for this ride. You are welcome, but please thank yourself too, for taking a risk to create the world you want! So many of you wanted to do this again…the only thing to it is to decide to do it, then get the word out! It is that simple. Saturday Night Nude Ride every week, anyone? We have lots of body paint left!

Since we did not get a chance on Saturday to acknowledge those in the community who helped make WNBR NYC 2010 great, I will do so here, in no particular order:

Time’s Up!
ABC No Rio
Traif Bike Gesheft
Band of Bicycles
3rd Ward
Bike Snob NYC
Loft 910
Annas’ Independent Art
Enki at
MNHTN & BKLYN Crititcal Masses
The Rude Mechanical Orchestra
Heelz on Wheelz
Tommy D
BP for showing us the true cost of our bad habits

Ride Safer, Ride Together. More butts on bikes!

Mellow Yellow, NYC
twitter: critmasspanic

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