Tech Watch: Bike theft innovations

Here are a few inovative concepts being developed in the area of bike theft. First is British designer, 21 year old Kevin Scott who’s come up with a bike that can be wrapped around a pole. Read more here.

Then check this out: Wi-Fi transmitters alerting your smart phone if your bike […]

Amazing Pop-Up book about the Tour de France

Having a young child I can’t help but wonder what he thinks about my bicycle love (obsession) Here is Max watching a little bit of the Tour and I notice a little extra thumb sucking when Jerome Pineau got a few more points in the mountains. I already know he’s got some skills developing […]

Look who’s been supporting People for Bikes

That’s right, Lance Armstrong has been rockin a sticker for the People for Bikes campaign in Le Tour.

Read a bit more from the source here.

The Wall Street Journal on NYC bike polo

Why is the Wall Street Journal covering bike polo you ask? It looks like they have a new culture section called: “Greater New York.”

Find out the whole story of how this came about from

(image by: Benjamin Norman of the Wall Street […]