2 bikes stolen. Hate crime!

I think feel that bike theft is actually a Hate Crime and should be dealt with accordingly. Maybe caught bike thieves should have to go door to door and apologize or make it known to neighbors they have moved into the area like Megan’s Law.

First one comes from Natalie Johnston:


Someone stole my bike last night (as in within the last few hours) from inside my building! The front door was wide open this morning–kinda creepy. I live in Clinton Hill/Bed Stuy. Please post the following information to your blog.
Thank you so much!

My bike was stolen from inside my building last night! Sad and scary. Please help me recover this bike! It is only a few months old but I looked for a couple years before I found one that I liked as much as this one and I can’t afford to buy another bike.

KHS Flite 250
Men’s frame
Straight handlebars with silver bell
Seat is chained down
Looks pretty new

$100 reward.
Thank you.

any info contact: Natalie Johnston,

Then I just got this one from Craig Richards:

Hi Mike,

My friend had his bike stolen on the evening of 20th July. It was
locked up at 10th and C. I’d be grateful if you could add it to your
list of stolen bike please.

This is his posting on Craigslist.

–Some assmaster stole my custom made, heavy, rusty Bologna bike at 10th
& C last night.
I’ll give anyone who returns it $500 cash, no questions asked.
I’ll also give $1k for the thief’s nads on a stick
Yes way.
Heres a photo (of the bike, not the nads) –

It’s a lot rustier now, and it has a black seat, black rubber oray
grips, and riser bars.
It’s been passed on from generation to generation in my family for
almost 3,000 years.
I’d really like to give it to my son some day.
And if you’re the thief, and you’re reading this, please give it back.
I’ll give you the five hundred bucks.
If you don’t, I will call Dog the Bounty Hunter, Bobba Fett, and Bear
Gryls, and they will have a 3 way, and that 3 way will produce a son,
and that son will be raised by Tito Ortiz, and on his 18th birthday,
he and I will come to your house, and fuck your shit up.
Thank you for your time.

I definitley would not want to meet Tito.

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  • Gene Kahn

    No one is more paranoid about their bike than I am
    so these kinds of heartbreaking stories would be
    a lot more valuable to everyone if we knew what kind
    of lock was involved and how that was defeated. I
    use the “monster” Kyptonite chain and padlock and
    know of now case of that lock/chain yet to be defeated by theives.

  • Gene Kahn

    No one is more paranoid about their bike than I am out’there, so these bummer stories about thefts would be more usefull if we knew what kind of lock was used and how that was defeated. I used the monster Kryptonite chain and padlock and know of no case of it
    being broken by theives.

  • cr

    Agreed with Gene – there seems to be a thing on this site where the information about how the bike was stolen, and what sort of lock was used is never included. Maybe it’s purposely left out, or edited out, I don’t know. The logic may be that the bike is already stolen so what good is the the lock info, or possibly to stop a barrage of comments reading something like “You dope! Everyone knows locking your bike *with* XYZ or locking your bike *to* ABC is the best way to get it stolen!” (I’ve been known to write a few of those.) However, I maintain, knowing how someone else got their bike stolen is the best way to ensure you won’t repeat the same mistake. Something positive can come out of what is a very negative experience for someone else.

  • I had a bike stole here in Alabama and never saw it in the pawn shop! I figured it was just a kid! I am sure in the city it is big business! You better lock em up good! People in bama will still your chickens too.

  • Waltzing Matlida

    I’m in Virginia, and usually the time I actually lock my bike is at night. When I leave for work in the morning I usually leave my lock and chain on the porch railing. Of course, I work in a place that allows me to actually bring the bike inside the building, so that is a big help. I did bring the lock and chain with me today because I have a meeting down in the copshop, and (ironically) that is in a neighborhood where I consider locking my bike to be neccessary.

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  • David

    I couldn’t agree more about Bike Thieves been seriously reprimanded, It saddens me every time I hear of a bike theft, for 2 reasons. It’s a very personal crime for most of us. Our Bikes become more than just possessions, we actually do become attached to them in a personal way, ( I know I did – my bike I had brought over from my country). Secondly they don’t come cheap so to buy a new one is costly, I think if you had a more intense Punishment Thieves might think twice before stealing.
    I really wish we could find a way to catch these thieves.
    Is there no cheap way of attaching a device with homing signal!!?? It’s a thought.:)