Bike lanes, keep coming

I know, there’s a whole lot of emphasis on bike lanes in this town. As if they are some sort of litmus test for gauging weather we can function more like a European city, less dependent on motor vehicle transportation. To the seasoned cyclist who’s been biking in NYC long before we had green painted pathways to aid us, it often seems like a bizarre slap in the face, especially when we are also given the mixed signal that every lane is a bike lane. Weather it helps new cyclists feel comfortable riding or its just something that looks good in a Bloomberg power point presentation, most people can agree they are symbolic of a movement in the right direction, never dreamed possible 10 or even 5 years ago.

In the latest developments…I saw on, that the Flushing Ave. bike lane in Brooklyn has arrived:

More on this from

The new bicycle infrastructure is causing angina, with local business even though they were informed from the DOT.
Gothamist has a report on grumblings over the new bike lanes going in on 1st and 2nd Ave, in Manhattan.

Complaints like this:
Hardware store owner Jim Doria has been particularly hard hit. He tells NY1, “My truck has to park away from the curb. Now my employees have to cross through an active bike lane and there’s a possibility of being hit by a bicycle, and there’s cyclists getting hurt. My driver’s getting hurt.” What do those merciless DOT bastards expect his employees to do, look both ways before crossing a street?!”

I’m a little confused here? Your business is being “hard hit” because of the 10 feet extra you have to walk now? The DOT bastards expecting people to look both ways when crossing the street? That’s something you should have learned as a 5 year old. I mean the nerve of these DOT, the next thing you know their going to expect people to wear a seat belt or not stick a fork into a toaster. And a driver complaining about getting hit by cyclist? Aww. Maybe you’ll take few seconds to be aware of other people on the road and how your delivery truck send cyclists to the morgue when you don’t take time to think. I mean lets be realistic here. Do we really have so much bicycle traffic in the bike lane that deliveries are really inconvenienced? What we should really try and figure out, is how to make more deliveries by bicycle.

But what does it matter, according to the NY Post, our streets are under siege with killer cyclists!
( picture by Jamie NYC)

Well until the renegade bikers from hell kill everyone…here is a bit of pro cycling love.

This is not my big beautiful bike lane- David Bryne riding in a piece for the NY Times.

And last year a great PSA with Paul Steely White, executive director of Transportation Alternatives, made by Daniel Leeb of cinecycle.

Regardless, we really shouldn’t clog up or streets with motor vehicles or bikes. It gets in the way of people doing important New York City things…like beating the shit out of one another.

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