Community Garden’s ride makes the press

Time’s Up plan to bike ride around the city tonight and draw attention for the plight of community gardens makes the NY Daily News:

Cyclists’ advocacy group Times Up! plans to protest outside Mayor Bloomberg’s townhouse
BY Simone Weichselbaum
Thursday, July 29th 2010, 4:00 AM

(photo by Hagen for the DailyNews)
Photo caption: Benjamin Shepard of Times Up! plans to ride to Bloomberg’s home Paul Revere style.

It was the green thumb biker buff version of the Boston Tea Party.

Instead of fighting off the British, two dozen community gardens loyalists will pedal around Manhattan on “horsecycles” Manhattan Thursday night rallying the cry to keep the spaces safe from developers.

Cyclists’ advocacy group Times Up! has stuck cardboard horse heads on over 20 bikes for their Paul Revere-style night ride from the Generation X Garden on E. 4th Street to Mayor Bloomberg’s townhouse on E. 79th St.

Read the rest of the article: here.

Also I got a mention in the New York Time’s city room blog:

Paul Revere, Rat Zoos and the GTL Index

The sunsetting of a 2002 agreement on community gardens has some advocates and bloggers feeling like Paul Revere.

“The developers are coming! The developers are coming!” a headline on EV Grieve shouted Wednesday morning, in a post promoting a bicycle ride in opposition to the city’s proposed new rules for managing the gardens.

The proposed rules have come under criticism from those who see a watering down of the language in the 2002 agreement between the city and the New York State attorney general’s office that prevents the development of 500 or so community gardens. Where the old rules explicitly state that development will not occur, the new rules include no such language.

“The gardens have really thrived over the last eight years, but the city has to maintain its options,” Adrian Benepe, the parks commissioner, told my colleague Colin Moynihan. (The parks department has managed many of the city’s community gardens since 2002. sketches a timeline of some key moments in the history of the gardens.)

Read the entire posting here.

Drawing attention to the fact that community gardens make good use of green space which could easily fall prey to neglect like the dozens of empty lots around the city. Then you get this:

Here is a link to a press release by Time’s Up about the community gardens.

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