Insight into faded Albany bike lanes

Alex Brunin writes the bicycle blog for the Time’s Union up in the state capital of Albany.

He recently wrote an interesting account of some of the bicycle roadways upstate.

Magic Bike Lanes
July 12, 2010 at 1:00 am by Alex Bunin

I realize that the City of Albany has a Plan which seeks to incorporate bicycles within its commuting traffic. However, a plan is merely a statement of intent. Its completion is necessarily a future event. New York’s capital could ultimately either look like modern Amsterdam, a bike commuting utopia, or we could return to the settlement founded by their Dutch ancestors here on the banks of the Hudson 400 years ago – mud trails that ultimately became cobblestone streets. A lack of funding or other unpredictable crises could intervene and dash the Plan.

Yet, as an eternal optimist, I am sure conditions will improve. Everyday there are portents of change for the better. Streets are being resurfaced. Pedestrians are getting actual curbed sidewalks, so they do not have to wander into traffic. However, the history of government support for bike travel in Albany has not been good.

It is not completely the City’s fault. New York State has two main Bike Routes which intersect in Albany. Route 5 extends East/West along Madison and Western avenues and Route 9 travels North/South on Broadway. They meet at the ramps for the 787 freeway. As you can see in the picture below, green signs with a bicycle icon direct riders to this inviting scene.

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