LA fixed gear party and more events in the US

Lots going on this weekend around the States.

In LA, it’s Summer Fix
Events schedule:
Friday, July 16

* Welcome to LA Party | 7PM
* The Brick Building Culver City, CA
* Bike Art, Drinks, Music, Product Auction
* Foot-Down & Trackstand Comps in the Venue!

Saturday, July 17

* Trick Competition – Venice Beach
* Registration 12-1PM, Competition Begins at 2PM
* Venice Beach Basketball Courts
* Cash Prize for 1st
* After-Party at The Mandrake | 7PM
* Preview of To Live & Ride in LA

Sunday, July 18

* Sunday Morning Cruise
* Cruise West LA Trick Spots
* Meet at LA Brakeless | 11AM

* Chubby Boob Stage Race | 2PM
* Meet at Mt. Hollywood

* Meet at Griffith Park
* CHROME prizes and giveaways!

Saw this on

3 stage race hosted by: Tracko

Then in Philly:
Reload Bags and Cadence present:

More info Here.

And in Texas, All Ladies Alley Cat:

more info at

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