London’s new super highways…for bikes.

Super highways are not just for cars and trucks any more. Thanks to some progressive thinking by local politicians they are roadways being developed to include cyclists and provide safe transport into major metropolitan areas. In NYC we paint our’s green but in London the color is blue for the start of a whole new network of bike lanes.

London’s bicycle super highways opened today and here is an article about it from green minded weblog
London’s Bicycle Superhighway Opens Today!
by Bridgette Meinhold, 07/19/10

As a way to encourage bike commuting and improve safety for bicyclists on the road, London is opening a series of bike superhighways along important commuter routes. The first two Barclays Cycle Superhighways just launched today to mark the beginning of what London Mayor, Boris Johnson, calls a “cycle revolution“. Painted a bold, bright blue, the cycle highways are 1.5 meters wide and they provide a safer space and more efficient routes for cyclists to travel.

Read the entire article here.

Video of the new project:

Wait a minute, Barclay’s? Aren’t they building the new stadium in Brooklyn? Maybe we’ll be seeing some new super highways for watching basketball…blue bike lanes?

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