New bike lane is coming to 1st Ave.

(photo by Ben Fried)
In case you didn’t notice, 1st ave has been all torn up from Houston Street on up to 42nd. Things are slowly being repaved and it looks as if a new bike lane is being installed.

Check out this report from Ben Fried at Streetsblog.

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  • Ray

    Awesome! Good to see that there are more initiatives in getting more bike paths and racks. No wonder a recent study found that there was a considerable increase in people biking and walking as their commute. Not only will this be good for those who want to get in a little exercise, but it’ll also help out the environment by reducing the number of cars on the roads. With more bike paths, drivers will also learn to share the road appropriately with bicyclists–I’m still a little hesitant bicycling on the street. Here’s something else to smile about: saving $20/month for commuting to work! Check it out at

  • Josh Mattes

    Have you used the new bike lanes?

    They’re extremely dangerous and need to be reworked.

    As a regular bicycle commuter I can tell you that the type of bike lanes, going most recently into the East Village, are more dangerous than having no bike lane at all. The new bike lanes put the bike lane against the curb and a row of parked cars between the bike lane and traffic.

    The bike lanes that put the bike lane against the curb with a row of parked cars between the bike lane and traffic are many times more dangerous than the alternative. The alternative being either a bike lane outside a row parked cars against the curb, so the bike lane is next to traffic or no bike lane at all.

    In my experience with the new bike lanes, having a row of parked cars between the bike lane and traffic significantly increases the chance for a major accident.

    The biggest danger is that moving traffic can not see you behind the row of parked cars while they have to cut across your lane to make a turn. Since they can not see you, they make no adjustment for your presence and dive headlong into your lane. Likewise, the row of parked cars makes it more difficult for the cyclist to see if and when a car plans to turn so the cyclist has less time and input make an adjustment in speed and avoid a collision. It’s really a major problem.

    The other hazard is that pedestrians are generally unaware that the asphalt, painted green, inside the row of parked cars is a travel lane for bikes and step into it without looking giving a cyclist no time to react. In the pedestrian’s mind, the only thing on the street they need to be mindful of is on the other side of the parked cars. I saw it happen again this morning. I see it happen nearly every day and it’s happened to me several times.

    I legitimately fear for my safety and the safety or other cyclists given the flaws in the designs of the new bike lanes.

    The bike lanes on 5th and 6th avenues in the higher teens and 20’s where the bike lane is outside the row of parked cars and closer to traffic are absolutely fine, delightful even.

    Please write to the city and them to either remove the bike lanes in Greenwich Village or put them outside the row of parked cars.

  • minetta

    @Josh. So you’re saying bike lines with a perimeter parked cars as protection are less safe than riders riding next to the traffic, because drivers can turn into the lane at the end of the block without looking? How does make any sense? 80% of the stretch of a street it’s safer, with the exception at the end where cars and bikes again have no separation.

    I don’t understand your logic at all. If I were to guess, your whole post is sarcastic.

  • cher s

    @Minetta – I totally agreed with you until I saw this video. It has interviews and video shots from riders using the bike lane showing the increased dangers. I hope the link posts. Its from YouTube Titled: My Commuted Commute

  • It’s nice to hear they’re trying to make commuting easier for bikers. I often bike north up first ave on morning commutes to work, and, as some of the other comments have pointed out, its pretty run down and scary at times. It would be great to have a nice well defined bike path to ride on. I also think idling/parking in bike lanes should be illegal… Thanks for the great blog – jack