NYC compost needs your help

According to NYC has 18,696 eating establishments. What it does not have however is a city wide program in which to compost. Therefore, reusable food matter goes where…you guessed it, into the landfill. The folks at New York Compost would like to change that.

I learned about this on who pointed out that the food recyclers want to get funding for a program to move recyclable food matter from “table to farm.” Oh yeah, and they want to use cargo bicycles to make it a reality.

Here is more on their Kicstarter page:

“Won’t you please help?”

Here is part of their kickstarter campaign pitch that really appeals to me…
This is where we come in. We believe that we have developed a method of organic material pick-up that will surmount all of these obstacles. We want to use low-cost cargo bicycles that would collect food scraps from small to medium sized restaurants, containerize them, and deliver them to farmers who would be in the city for farmer’s markets and CSA drop-offs.

Now I know, one pretty amazing cargo bike company that would be ideal for this.
Larry vs Harry and their super fast Bullitt bike.

Check it out.

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