NYPD loves cyclists…NOT

Hard to believe but the NYPD did it again. Another shinning example of the police’s blatant disregard for cyclists in NYC.

You’ve probably already seen this by now but NYPD officer Louis Ramos, was charged with assault, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident after hitting a 61 year old man in the crosswalk in Brooklyn.

An 84th Precinct cop who rammed his police cruiser into a 61-year-old bicyclist as he blew through a red light in DUMBO — then failed to report what happened in the June 14 incident — was arrested on Tuesday.

With very little fanfare, Officer Louis Ramos surrendered at the Gold Street stationhouse, though he was released on his own recognizance after being charged with assault in the third degree, leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving — all misdemeanors.

Investigators said Ramos struck the senior as he zipped past the corner of Jay and Sands streets.

The 19-year NYPD veteran and his partner, Officer Paris Anderson, were waiting at a red light at the corner when Ramos reportedly flipped on his lights and sirens, pulled into oncoming traffic and sped past several cars before hitting Yu Tong Chan as he pedaled by.

Read the whole story here.

Also covered in by reporter Ben Fried.

This leads to my poll of the week:

This latest incident should make the NYPD
have a sensitivity training program towards cyclists
major lawsuit
a hard slap on the wrist
a vacation with Patrick Pogan
nothing, what did the NYPD do wrong?
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2 comments to NYPD loves cyclists…NOT

  • a

    The aggression and complete disregard for cyclists and their safety that the NYPD has is completely, unbelievably ridiculous. I wish I knew who to even complain to, since obviously cops don’t give a shit. I and many others have almost been hit so many times by police using the bike lane as their personal passing lane WHILE bikes are in it or almost hitting cyclists as they enter the lane not expecting a speeding police car or motorcycle to be barreling down the bike lane. My boyfriend was nearly hit several times on one street by the same exact cop and when he mentioned to the officer that he came really close to hitting him the officer followed him and harassed him, threatening to write him a ticket for something he didn’t even do.

  • Chris Cunneely

    maybe there’s something i’m not seeing here? which light did the cops “blow through”? the one they hit the guy at? cause they didn’t even get their tires in the crosswalk at that intersection, anyone can see that. which brings me to the point that it sure looks a whole lot more like the old man was riding his bike in the crosswalk, which is illegal in most places, and that the cops turning their emergency lights on startled him and for some reason he opted to get closer to the cop car, not further from it. that or, while salmoning on the sidwalk was using the crosswalk as a left turn lane and just happened to be turning at that time. i mean, it looks like he’s not even actually in the cross walk anymore when he gets hit, but just outside of it to his left.
    granted, not reporting the accident is totally bogus if it was indeed the cop’s fault. but at the same time, if it wasn’t the cop’s fault, but the old man’s being that he could have been ticketed for riding in the crosswalk in most cities, which would have placed the blame on him, and if there was any kind of damage caused to the cop car, then that old man totally got lucky. i’m not trying to play pig’s adovocate here or anything, but shit, i’d take a few scrapes and bruises over scrapes, bruises, a ticket, fines, and restitution for the damage to the car anyday.