Post about Tour de Queens from Bitch Cakes

Ms Bitch Cakes of the blog is on a quest to loose weight and she’s being brave enough to make her experiences public. She’s seems to be doing quite well and I’d have to say biking around the city has been a big help. I’ve really enjoyed her postings and wanted to share her latest entry about riding in this year’s Tour de Queens.
(shown here with my buddy Mitch)

Today was a brand new biking adventure for me: The Tour de Queens! It was the most bike riding I have ever done in the NYC borough of Queens. Good thing I had my trusty NYC Bike Map to get me there!

Read the entry here.

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  • Hi! Thank you so much for mentioning me and linking to my blog! (This showed up in one of my google alerts) Biking has totally changed my life and I couldn’t be more happy about it. I love it so much! (my bike & my new life)