Rolling Orange bike shop

Rolling Orange bike shop opened last month in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn. (269 Baltic Street)

Opened by Ad Hereijgers, this is part of a growing movement of retail which sells Dutch Bicycles and encourages more people to use bicycles as transport for their daily lives.

They sell two groups of bikes: City/Commuter bikes and Cargo Bikes, made up of three brands: De Fietsfabriek, Batavus and Dutch ID.

The store is a spin off of NADC, a consultancy business in Urban Planning in New York and Rotterdam. The idea is basically to practice what they preach and to have a visual model to encouraging more people to cycle and thus make cities more livable places.

Here are some pictures from their opening last month:

Rolling Orange was recently featured in this article on Cargo bikes in the NY Times spokes column. The article also mentions George Bliss of the HUB ( Hudson Urban Bicycles ) a true pioneer in cargo bike productions and his designs of child carrier bicycles.
So if you’ve been thinking about joining the “slow bike” movement or want to get the whole family in a cargo bike…check out this new store and take a bike out for a demo.

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  • J.Dougherty

    Why all the hostility, why all the helmet preaching smuggery? Surely there is enough room for self expression in THIS city! Vote with your feet, become the change you want to happen.