Sign the petition in support of Prospect Park West Bike lane

Apparently Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz isn’t on board with safer streets and a greener future. He’s trying to rally his rich friends who live in the Prospect Park Neighborhood and win political favors by meeting in private to remove the new Prospect Park West bike lane.

Please sign this petition put forward by Transportation Alternatives if you support the new bike lane.

And to the haters out there who want to remind me of a quote I made in the Brooklyn Paper about not using bike lanes I say this: “Just because I don’t always use the new infrastructure but forward by the DOT, doesn’t mean I don’t think its important to support it and feel it is an important step towards making NYC a more bike-friendly place.”

This brings up our poll of the week and asks…

Brooklyn Borough President should spend more of his time:
Making Brooklyn more affordable
Reducing motor vehicle traffic
Finding politicians who live near bike lanes to help remove them after they’ve been built
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1 comment to Sign the petition in support of Prospect Park West Bike lane

  • Cyclist against PPW bike lane

    I support the idea of a bike lane on PPW. But while I applaud the city in its efforts to make the use of bicylcles safer and more efficient in a place where choosing to ride can often mean risking your safety, I also think it is far too soon to be crying success here. I have personally witnessed 2 accidents (and other near accidents) on the PPW bike lane. #1: a delivery worker riding down the lane on his bicycle at night and colliding head on with another cyclist entering the lane from between cars. The delivery worker’s shoulder seemed badly injured but he refused to go to the hospital for some reason. #2: a pedestrian with a stroller walked into an oncoming bike because she was trying to clear traffic and maneouver through a narrow space between parked cars. Are these getting reported? Doubtful. I support bike lanes, but can’t support this one until you can show me how it is safer than what existed before (in 3 years of living here I never witnessed so many accidents and near accidents until the lace was installed). Too many people are supporting it without paying attention to other issues. Clearly, it is benefitting many cyclists – and I get that and can support that if I were one sided. But there are other issues that are getting lost in translation here. The city has every interest in ignoring these because of the vast amount of resources it has placed to install these lanes. And that makes it easier to view this as an issue only being presented by PPW residents. People need to take a step back and assess what we have supported and what we have lost here.