Tech Watch: Iphone app for bike repair

Check out this latest app for repairing a bicycle.

From their site:
Are you tired of searching the web to find your solution? Most web site are not well structured and have too much text to read before finding your solution. Then you go to the garage to fix your bike and realize you have forgot half of what you have read online.

Bike Repair on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is the solution. You have your reference with you all the time.

Each step contains a few simple phrases/tasks. It goes straight to the point, no long paragraph explaining something that has nothing to do with the repair and that you will forget anyway. The most important thing, we don’t assume you know everything about bicycles. Every term used is simple, if they are technical, we show you what it is on the picture, so you are not left wondering what it is and trying to look for it on your bike.

Here is a review from

and the facebook page for the app.

You guys can thank me later. Maybe a free app?

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