Tomorrow is Bastille Day

Tomorrow is Bastille Day. Everyone should be watching stage 10 of the Tour de France. Special shout out to all the french riders…like Sandy Casar who won today in stage 9, Christophe Moreau, Jérôme Pineau and John Gadret.

Some insight to today’s stage in the Alps from the NY Time’s tour corespondent, Juliet Macur.

Alps Turn Tour Into a Two-Man Race
Published: July 13, 2010

ST.-JEAN-DE-MAURIENNE, France — With their top opponents falling by the wayside behind them, many moving slowly, as if in stuck in mud, Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador zipped to the finish line of Stage 9 of the Tour de France, nearly side by side.

The cruel Alps, with their steep, unrelenting ascents, had not beaten those two riders. But others were not as lucky. Tuesday’s climbs, especially the seemingly never-ending Col de la Madeleine, had caused other top riders to crumble.

“I still think the Pyrenees will decide the race, but it’s easier for me now because I have only one rider to look after,” Schleck, 25, said of his effort to win his first Tour. “I think the other riders were really weak today. I don’t think any of the riders have the possibility to come to the front.”

Read the article here.

And updates from Team Radio Shack’s Chris Horner

who is also racing a hundred or so miles a day and then writing a daily blog.

Read more here.

Viva la France!

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