Timbuk2, my new sponsor

Just want to give a warm hello to my newest sponsor, Timbuk2 bags.

Born out of a garage in San Francisco in 1989, Timbuk2 pioneered the messenger bag. Since that time they have seen tremendous growth, but still haven’t forgotten their modest, hardworking, true tested, bike messenger roots. They make products that are […]

I made the NY Times green blog

Wow, sometimes my ranting gets noticed… The Biking Boom Breeds Discontent By JOHN COLLINS RUDOLF, August 30th, 2009 New York Times Green Blog

Biking is booming in New York City, with the number of daily cyclists rising to an average of 236,000 in 2009, up 26 percent from 2008, according to statistics compiled by […]

Look who’s riding a bike…

Remember my friend Jonathan who got hit by a car back in May? He’s BACK!!

The Doctor said he could ride again, and I was proud to be on his first ride back into Brooklyn.

Article on Bicycle Habitat

While doing research for our upcoming book: BIKE NYC, I’ve visited almost every bike shop in the 5 boroughs. Along the way I’ve meet a ton of interesting shop owners and heard their stories about how they made their journeys into the world of bike retail and repair.

I just found this in depth […]

Cycling Fashion designer seeks intern

Got a message from my good friend Nona who has started her own line of fashion for woman cyclists. She is looking for an intern so I thought I’d help out and post this request: Nona Varnado, NYC’s sustainable women’s bike fashion label is seeking an intern.

About Us: Fall/Winter 2010/2011 will be the […]

Victorian era cyling movies

Got a note from Andrea who is working at a television station in Colorado. They are producing a documentary on Victorian era bicycling called: “Victorian Cycles-Wheels of Change.” They have broken up several clips into short web segments.

Take a look:

First Bike Ride Up Pikes Peak from Jim Kellett on […]

Bikes on Governor’s Island

Bikes and Governor’s Island seem to go hand in hand. All summer long, this ice cream cone shaped, 172 acre island in New York Harbor is just waiting to be explored and the bicycle is just about the best way to do it. Bring your bikes on the ferry from either Manhattan or Brooklyn […]

Mechanics Challenge at Rapha NYC-Thursday

Rapha clothing, pop-up store has lingered on past the Tour de France viewing and has been hosting some fun events. Last Thursday they invited the Bike Snob to come in and make fun of them with an evening of a slide show presentation and book signing. Read more here, on their blog.

This […]

Bicycle Bedlam…Please.

Well it’s that time of the month again. For the mainstream news to do some investigative news gathering and look into what’s going on with all of these people riding bicycles in NYC. Wow, you’ll never guess what they discovered? That there are a lot of cyclists out there disobeying the law. CBS’s news […]

Friday the 13th race 4, from Diablo.

Friday The 13th Alleycat Part 4 from URBAN CYCLIST WORLDWIDE on Vimeo.