Summer streets and Joyride.

That time of the year is coming, when the city closes a big chunk of Manhattan, just enough not to bother too many motorists, and not for that long. But cynical New Yorker aside, its a good experiment in what an auto free part of the city could be like and you can have 50 or more bikes riding together without being treated like a terrorist threat.

This event is known as Summer Streets and its taking place for the next three Saturdays in August.

August 7th, 14th and 21st.

There will also be a group bike ride set to music followed by a picnic. The event is called Joy Ride!

More about this event from their site including how to register.

Joyride: Jump on your bike and experience a mid-summer’s daydream. All the world’s a stage and you are on a bike to watch it. Motion, music and mingling will transform the way you see the city. Its as easy as….well, it’s as easy as riding a bike. At the end you will be served a delicious picnic from a talented chef. Meet 50 new people and who knows what will happen.

Joyride is a musical group bike ride and picnic created by theatre artist, Liz Sherman with a soundtrack designed by Duncan Bridgeman, co-creator of the double Grammy nominated film and album “1 Giant Leap” and soon to be released “What About Me”.

For each of the three Saturdays of “NYC Summer Streets,” 50 Joyriders will be both players and audience in an event that heightens fragments of ordinary city life into a virtually cinematic experience. It’s an experience both intimate and communal as the shared soundtrack sets a rhythm and mood for the journey from Foley Square to Central Park where the picnic awaits.

At it’s heart Joyride is about the freedom we feel riding a bike, the deep ways that music affects us and the power of that shared experience. Joyride takes place on August 7th, 14th, & 21st.

Space is very limited. For each ride, ten spots will be reserved for those that are especially enthusiastic and write in to tell us . The other spaces are open to all first come, first served.

More on the event at their website:

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