Bicycle Lobby, Bicycle Crisis…look out!

Now I realize I went away to Maine, for a little family vacation and some of this:

and what may appear as old news seems to keep resonating some common themes, that this blogger just can’t keep from ignoring.

Such as the impact all this bicycle fever is having on our nation or perhaps its just the desperate nature of the Republican party who has nothing better to do but bitch at a bunch of cycling initiatives. As if that is a bad thing.

It’s Mid-term election time so you’ve got Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes, warning voters that the Denver mayor is following some master UN plan to get everyone to ride bicycles. OH NO!

Look out! The next thing you know people will be following that Socialist Obama and taking health care issues into their own hands, like eating right and exercising. They might even start questioning scapegoating and misinformation from people who claim to be authorities on investigative news gathering.

I mean you make it easier for people to start cycling with a bike sharing program and you guessed it…the next thing they want to take your guns away.

Things have reached a ridiculous level here in NYC.

First of all the residents of Prospect Park West believe there is some sort of “BICYCLE LOBBY” involved in spinning data away from the fact that this busy roadway in Brooklyn is actually safe and everyone obeys the speed limit. Um. Right and nobody jaywalks in NYC either.

Here is a complaint form the facebook group against the ALL READY BUILT bike lane on PPW.

“The DOT and the well-organized bike lobby has claimed that the new bike lanes are making PPW safer from speeding cars. You may have seen some of these claims in blogs and news articles. The facts are that unless you define “speeding” as going 35 miles an hour for a short stretch between lights on a street with a 30 mph speed limit, the rhetoric about speeding on PPW is way overblown. It’s not been a “speedway” and it’s not been unsafe. The pro-bike lobby, particularly Park Slope Neighbors and Transportation Alternatives through its blog, wants you to believe that there are regularly cars going 65 on PPW jeopardizing the safety of pedestrians and bikers. This is just not true. They are “spinning” the data for their own ends by reporting it in a highly slanted and selective manner.”

Ah yes, the “PRO BIKE LOBBY,” such a force to be reckond with. Not like those other whippy lobbying groups with no power…

They are all pissed off because now when cars and trucks double park, like they always did…there is one less lane of traffic. When cars are inconvenienced, there is only one logical thing to do…blame the bike lanes. It only adds fuel to the fire with such evil neferious groups like this:

One local Brooklyn resident in Williamsburg has had it up to here with all these bicycles, and has decided to take matters into his own hands.

He is on a crusade, to battle what is being called, a “BIKE CRISIS.”

According to the Brooklyn Paper, someone is going around Super gluing locks to all those pesky bicycles chained up. I mean nothing makes more sense if you want to get rid of bicycles then to make it so people can’t remove their bicycles. Right.

Bike Lobby, Bike Crisis? Rattling the cage of the outdated auto age supremacy? Smells like one thing to me:


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  • not completely related comment, I have had the same meal at that very same restaurant, it was delicious!

  • David Vassar

    The bicycle is the king of personal transportation, and it’s so much more than just “getting there.”

    Cars are noisy, peace-killing, space-devouring, toxic fart-blasting menaces, especially in the City. Collectively, they’re also torturing & murdering our Mother Earth. Let’s work toward gradually phasing ’em out.