Stolen bikes

Scott Fitzgerald wrote in with another tragic tale:

–My bike was stolen from in front of my building last night. (8/9/10)

2007 Jamis Aurora; tan and copper. Brooks b17 saddle, black rear rack, fenders, black reflective tape on frame, fork and fenders. On the top tube, right hand side near the handlebars, there’s an 1.5 inch tear through the paint.

Please call/email scott : 347.277.0941

As we do around here now, you have to include how it was locked:

It was locked below street level in the exposed entryway of my building. Locked with a heavy cable and kryptonite lock. Probably cut the cable. My bad for thinking my own foyer would be safe for a night.

Don’t expect any hallway, staircase, out front or alley way near your apartment to be any more safe then just randomly locked up around the city.

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