Timbuk2, my new sponsor

Just want to give a warm hello to my newest sponsor, Timbuk2 bags.

Born out of a garage in San Francisco in 1989, Timbuk2 pioneered the messenger bag. Since that time they have seen tremendous growth, but still haven’t forgotten their modest, hardworking, true tested, bike messenger roots. They make products that are good-looking, tough-as-hell that you can truly make your own.

And you can use them to carry, what I hope will be my next sponsor.

2 comments to Timbuk2, my new sponsor

  • kit

    Well, they sponsor NPR, so considering the journalistic integrity of your publication, you may have a chance.

  • P.Esbrandt

    I realize this is your new sponsor. However, Timbuk2
    did not pioneer the messenger bag in S.F.. That honor went to Erik Zo, and the Zo bag. The thing about Erik, is that he never advertised and mostly just sold to messengers. He could be difficult to get a bag from, and only made them when he felt like it. He wasn’t out to become rich.
    I am sending you a scan that I did from a ’80’s mountain bike mag, called Fat Tire Flyer. Erik told me he never advertised, and I asked him about this ad that I saw, and he said the merchant placed this ad with his bag in it. This ad is from 1987.
    Timbuk2 knows that they got alot of their ideas from Erik Zo. Just giving credit where credit is due.