718 Cyclery is opening a shop

Joe Nocella, of 718 Cyclery has this really cool concept about outfitting people with the perfect urban commuter. He calls it collaborative builds and it basically works like this: You pick out a frame, generally an old school ten speed or some gem either you find or he finds it, mostly on ebay or craig’s list. Then you discuss parts, wheels, what you want to use the bike for and your riding style. Then Joe orders the parts, lays them out and then you schedule an appointment to build your bike. Joe builds the wheels.

According to his blog, it looks like Joe is getting a store front, scheduled to open at the end of October. (pending the signing of a lease) 461 7th Ave. In Park Slope Brooklyn.

Luckily, Joe is also an architect so he’s put up some concept graphics of the new space.

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