Bamboo bike just stolen

Justin Aguinaldo from the Bamboo Bike studio had a bamboo bike robbed 20 minutes ago. Canal St. and Varick St. 121 Varick. Thief was seen heading North. Bamboo frame, black components, white riser. Be on the lookout!

3 comments to Bamboo bike just stolen

  • cr

    Since this bike is made of bamboo can we cane the thief when he/she is apprehended as punishment? “Don’t steal “boo” bikes bro/ho!”

  • Shukri Brewer

    I know that bike. Its hard to miss. I’ll be on the look for it.

    Adding to the description: the rear wheel has a large hub of carbon fiber. Its a track bike definitely built for speed. Its a one-of-a-kind. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures; but its hard to miss this bike.

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