Congratulations to Chris and Allie

Saying Chris Ryan has something to do with bike culture in NYC is like boasting that Babe Ruth had something to do with a game played with a small hard ball and a wood bat and building a house for a team that begins with Y.

Yesterday was the marriage of Christopher J. Ryan of the bike punk ska band Team Spider and his lovely bride Allie Compton. However, this was no ordinary affair. It was the perfect blend of traditional marriage meets nontraditional Mar RRRRRRRRRRRRRRiage. That repeated letter in the alphabet is most well known for when you’re dressing up and pillaging as a pirate.

The wedding was held on Governor’s Island, which has become this great local, bikeable spot, just a few hundred yards off of Manhattan. Once a coast guard outpost, it has now been given to a trust run by the city of New York and opened up as an amazing scenic spot where people are encouraged to rent or bring their bicycles and enjoy an almost completely auto free existence.

It was the perfect backdrop for a wedding and best of all, doesn’t cost anything.

Kindred spirits to Chris, in their activism and love for “giving a shit” about NYC, Reverend Billy officiated the wedding for about 100 people.

Saturday (9/18/10) also happened to be international, “talk like a pirate day. This meant there were Santacon like costume parades of pirates going on all over the world and one just so happened to be plundering on Governors Island. It also happened to be another one of Time’s Up themed bike rides in which this time, they were hellbent on plundering Chris and Allie’s wedding, especially since Chris was one of their own pirates and they’d be damned if he went off and tied the knot with out a fight.

Time’s Up has been doing some great visual resistance, fighting to save local community gardens across the city and recently participated in Park(ing) Day.

This is an event where people reclaim parking spaces across the city and turn them into mini parks, hangouts and chill spaces for a day instead of being used as idle parking spots. Mostly these are done in more “downtown” like locations, where most people expect to see street theater or odd performances, however, Time’s Up broke the mold and headed uptown, smack dab in front of Mayor’s Bloomberg’s office on 79th and 5th Ave. in Manhattan.

This had everything to do with this environmental direct action group’s intention of continually sending a message to the Mayor to permanently protect community gardens once and for all.

Ok, back to the wedding.

So we rode out to Governors Island on a gorgeous September day and offered those who didn’t bring bikes a shuttle on one of the many contraptions you can rent out there including these quad cycles.

All of the wedding guests and the pirates gathered at Picnic Point, on the other side of the island from the ferry terminal and listened to a wonderful speech by Reverend Billy.

Then the pirates made an attempt to defeat Chris and steal his bride.

Chris was successful in defeating the pirates and actually getting married. We all celebrated with a critical mass style bike ride around the island.

Chris and Allie were pulled in a pedicab, donated by Peter Meitlzer of Manhattan Rickshaw.

The bike community wishes you both the best. Congratulations!

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