New NYC cycling related blog: The Guardrail NYC

I stumbled upon a new blog which takes an interesting and critical look at some of the roadways and commuting options out there for NYC cycling.

Dan Oliverio writes:

His subtitle is: “Where the automobile stops and your feet take over. A blog covering new and old ideas for transportation and its alternatives, infrastructure, urban planning and design within the metropolitan area. Probably some politics too…”

More about the site from Dan:

“I have been riding in NYC for just about as long as I have lived here, which is a mere five years. The past year I challenged myself to ride every day possible, and with this experience I have been able to truly see the city from a completely different perspective, through the eyes of a cyclist. There is something to be said for the thrill of riding a bike thorugh NYC streets – something that can often be a complicated task.

I originally created this blog as a way to express my thoughts and ideas around a different perspective on life in general. A few weeks ago it started to evolve in to a focus on transportation alternatives, urban planning, city projects and general New York City life, something I have always has a passion for. Recently I have been taking photos of my biking journeys down various NYC streets and bike paths and showing what life as a NYC cyclist is really like. These “photo journeys” are something I hope to continue doing in the future.”

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