Report backs from Interbike

There have been a lot of good report backs from this year’s interbike in Las Vegas.

Prolly’s been all over it, giving good commentary on new products and loading his site with photos and information.

Also Urban Velo, has had tons of postings about this years show.

Go to their full coverage: here.

Lara a buyer for NYC’s bike shop Bicycle Habitat, was kind enough to file this report with me.

The bike expo was pretty crowded again this year. We didn’t see a whole lot of new product from a cycling perspective. Probably most impressive was SRAM, which has some gorgeous components and good info coming out. They really have a nice product line.

We did like the new models coming from Linus. We think they will be a great fit for urban riders.
I’m excited about the computer pannier they’re coming out with in the spring of 2011. More functional than their previous panniers and less intense than the Ortlieb brand, though they still have some engineering to do on improving the latches, hooks and such.

Interestingly, the big “trend” the show emphasized this year was e-bikes or electronic bikes. Apparently they are growing significanty in popularity, but we don’t see this occurring as much in the city – it seems to be more of a fit in the suburbs where roads are more open and the lifestyle is more conducive to that need. Regardless, the bikes were everywhere. We have sold a few ebikes in the past year, but we have yet to be much smitten with them, so it was entertaining to us to see them everywhere. The year before, bamboo bikes were the fancy feature of the show, but I saw much less of them this year.

Kryptonite locks are coming out with “skins” for their most popular U-locks, which I think will be really nice for everyone. They’ll come in a few colors, and allow some personalization for what has traditionally been a pretty utilitarian-looking product.

We also selected some nice new baskets, autumn clothing, saddle seats, awesome helmets (we’re finally going to carry Nutcase!), and cycling shoes. We’re working on ordering the cool SPD-compatible street shoes I mentioned; not sure when we’ll get them in stock.

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