Tragic News, cyclist killed.

Really saddened to learn about this.
A 23 year old woman, Jasmine Herron was killed on Saturday, (9/11/10) on her bicycle in Brooklyn.

Here is an article from the Daily News:

Woman in bike tragedy, Jasmine Herron, rode bike everywhere, co-workers said

By: Barr Paddock, Mike Mclaughlin, Edgar Sandoval and John Lauinger
Monday, September 13th 2010

The woman killed this weekend in Brooklyn when her bicycle clipped the door of a parked car – launching her into a city bus – rode her bike everywhere, co-workers said.

Jasmine Herron, 23, who died in the freak accident Saturday night in Prospect Heights, worked as a barrista at Think Coffee on Mercer St. in Manhattan. She rode her bike to work every day, co-workers said, and always wore a helmet.

“She was a nice girl. It’s a tragedy,” said a neighbor who lived near the apartment Herron sublet on Cortelyou Road in Brooklyn.

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It is illegal to open a car door into a cyclists path. It’s also illegal to operate a vehicle without a license. The driver of the car was arrested and charged with, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation, unlicensed driving, and a vehicle and traffic law violation.

More on that from this article in Staten Island

A message from a playwright friend of Jasmine’s, Casey Wimpee, found on

RIP, Jasmine Herron. 2/14/86 – 9/11/10. a sweet, fearless, beautiful, amazing young woman to know & work with, & funny as hell. who else could segue conversations from Slavoj Zizek to Kathy Acker to broom of the system while gang of four plays in the background? you & HCB will be dearly missed, valentine.

I post this to pass on my deepest condolences to all friends and family involved in this tragic accident. Knowing full well the realities of being a cyclist in NYC,
please be careful out there, watch for car doors…maybe even avoid Atlantic Ave., especially with all the construction that is going on there with the new stadium.

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  • kit

    “Freak accident?” Hardly. This is wanton disregard for human life. Look in your goddamn mirror.

    Terrible news. My thoughts are with those who loved her and the NYC bike community.

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  • elizabeth

    I ONLY ride in bike lanes and follow the rules and still a driver said to me “I had to hit you, a city bus was gonna hit me” really? No Brakes? well I am just going to have to strike back. Next time I am doored by a driver of a car or hit by a car, I am going to “accidentally” whip that driver with my 50 lb bike lock, I am so sick and tired of drivers of these death machines. By the way, hit and run in Brooklyn=misdemeanor, so yeah, taking it into my own hands.

  • […] the weekend, Jasmine Herron, an artist and regular city cyclist was killed when she was knocked into the path of an oncoming bus by a careless driver’s opening car […]

  • la rider


    That term needs to go away. No the man did not intend to kill somebody, but he did. Just because someone does not intend to do something means it’s an accident. Negligence is not accidental nor preventable. A freak accident would have been a gust of wind suddenly blew her of her bike into traffic. We need to make people more accountable for their actions. Remarkably almost as many people are killed in auto incidents per year then the Vietnam War as a whole.

    Think about it.

  • FIL


  • Joyless

    Obtaining a driver’s license is based on two parts, a hands on skills test behind the wheel, and a written part based on logical choices of basic driving questions. Part 3 is what is missing. Part 3 should be mandatory course on respect, courtesy, and having eyes in the back of your head. Also films like Blood Alley should be mandatory as well as teaching to respect the rights of cyclists, and any vehicles where anyone can lose out to the law of physics. Instead what we have is a system where getting a drivers license is not much difference then getting a fishing license or a license to fly a kite. Also drivers too old should not be allowed to drive. They have been responsible for many deaths, even some I know of personally. There is much that can be done.

  • terrible sad news
    my prayers+thoughs are with her loved ones :(