Article on the upcoming NACCC

This year the NACCC which is pronounced like that 80’s one hitters, The Knack, is short for the North American Cycle Courier Championships.

This year it’s being held in Atlanta, yes they have bike messengers there, this weekend.

Here is an article found on the messenger news source:, dutifully maintained by Joe Hendry.

The NACCC hits Atlanta’s Streets

The Examiner, October 8th, 2010

By Thomas Moore

Starting today and running through Monday the 11th, Atlanta will play host to an influx of cyclists for the North American Cycle Courier Championships (NACCC). It is a great opportunity for the city and its citizens to experience the urban cycling scene at an unprecedented scale.

First off, for those curious, the NACCC is an event showcasing the best and brightest of the courier biking scene. Traditionally, a bike courier braves the big city streets to deliver messages, parcels and pretty much anything else that needs delivering. They are famous for their rocketing through the streets of New York and San Francisco despite the heavy traffic. (A quick side note: Quicksilver, a movie from the 80s, gives a look at the messenger biker and is an awesome-in-an-80s sort of way).

The NACCC provides a venue for these messengers to show off their skills in races, track stand competitions, sprints and even some trick riding. All these skills are by-products of the typically messenger’s day and have developed from necessity into a sport of its own. The NACCC are not only about supporting the new sport, but about celebrating the messenger culture that has been developing for years.

Centered on Grant Park, the NACCC will run all weekend through Columbus Day on Monday. Also, there will be a chance to check out various vendors that will be show-casing cycling and cycling-related gear. One such vendor is Stanley that will be showing off their rugged vacuum bottles. Stop by their tent, share a story and perhaps you will walk away with a bottle of your own. In addition to Stanley, there will be numerous other vendors for you to check out, talk with and perhaps purchase some gear.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, enjoy the fact that Atlanta is playing host to the NACCC and so many cyclists. As always, email me with any questions or comments and keep riding!

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