Bike Lane Protests and survey.

You probably heard, last Friday there was a protest against Mayor Bloomberg’s aggressive campaign of putting in new bike lanes, with a target of the new one on 1st Ave. in Manhattan.

Gothamist covered the action with this story.

(a couple of pro-bike lane supporters, photo by: Zoë Schlanger/Gothamist)

I’m sorry, but of all the things to be upset about…bike lanes? Seems like the number one complaint of the anti-bike lane demonstrators is an old one: “Bike riding on the sidewalk.” Ok, then shouldn’t that be the focus of your protest? Somehow the infrastructure designed to give cyclists a place to ride has become the bad guy.

People like to complain that there is no enforcement of bad cycling behavior. I’d say it’s pretty equal…there is no enforcement of anyone, pedestrians, motorists and cyclists. Everyone is NYC is guilty. Let the finger pointing begin.

Our recently married pirate, Chris Ryan was on the scene and produced these two videos at the demonstration that gives some insight into the debate.

Mike Dee, says it best…”Everything in NYC is a compromise.”

Well, there is another anti-bike lane protest coming up.
This time in Brooklyn, against the already established Prospect Park West bike lane.

Find out more at

To sound off on the PPW bike lane, please take a minute to fill out this survey put forward by Community Board 6.

3 comments to Bike Lane Protests and survey.

  • Brent

    I believe that bad cycling behavior is the result of too little bicycle infrastructure, not too much. The cyclists that take to the streets now are more comfortable with risk than those who don’t. I would argue that such people are more likely to exhibit the behavior O’Connor talks about. However, if NYC had extensive, safe bicycle infrastructure, then a whole new class of people might begin riding, and the bad behavior would become a minor backdrop against the greater part of riders who follow the rules.

  • P.Esbrandt

    When you go to battle. Take plenty of ammo~

  • Hey, I love this article about the recent bike protest. Towards the end you mention that there is another bike protest coming soon. Do you know when that is? I’d love to be there supporting bike lanes!