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From the words of writer, professor, activist and all around concerned citizen of Brooklyn: Ben Shepard:

What: Park Slope Neighbors’ Bike Ride and Walk in Support of the new Prospect Park West bike lanes and pedestrian safety improvements
When: 8AM, Thursday, October 21st
Where: Meet up at Grand Army Plaza
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This Thursday a small group of Prospect Park West residents will be gathering to speak out against the new, safer Prospect Park West design. Specifically, they will be protesting the two-way protected bike lane and pedestrian improvements. We know – how can anyone be against improved safety for children, families and park users? We are confident that the supporters of the new and safer Prospect Park West far outnumber those that oppose it. Join Park Slope Neighbors and hundreds of Brooklyn residents at a rally to show this support.

What: Bike Ride and Walk Prospect Park West safety improvements
When: 8AM, Thursday, October 21st
Where: Meet up at Grand Army Plaza

Why is the new Prospect Park West important?

It improves safety – Before and after speed surveys show that the new design reduced average speeds by 25%, increased compliance with the speed limit five-fold and reduced the proportion of cars speeding 40 mph or faster from 30% to just 1.4%. This is a result of replacing one of Prospect Park West’s travel lanes with a protected, two-way bike path and pedestrian refuge islands.

The community asked for it – The new Prospect Park West was born out of community concern with unsafe driving and speeding on the corridor. The project’s development and implementation has been supported consistently over several years by Community Board 6, local elected officials, civic organizations and thousands of Park Slope residents and users of Prospect Park. Let’s not let a small group of people who are unhappy with change and unbothered by speeding tell a different–and false—story.

If you care about streets designed for people and safe biking and walking join us for a demonstration of support for the Prospect Park West redesign. Whether you are on foot or on a bike, join us! We will travel along Prospect Park West together to Carroll Street, and greet the protestors there with smiles and signs of support. It will be an early morning but you can expect to be done and headed to work by 9am.

Spread the word to your friends and neighbors who care about people-friendly streets and believe that the new Prospect Park West design is working better for everyone. Please send around this link to our RSVP page and help us to show that New Yorkers care about safety:

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  • brian g

    yes, to punishing a$$hole cyclists who endanger other ppl. If a cyclist injures someone or steals the ROW by running a red over some other entity who was waiting first, then we should stop that. Also, sidewalk riding is a no – no especially at high speeds. if you need to sidewalk it, realize that it places pedestrians and yourself at a much higher risk for danger. On the other hand, if you wanna run a red and you can do so w/o making another cyclist, pedestrian or motorist wait then go for it. there’s no sense in standing at a red light if there’s no one around going the other way.