Protest against the 1st Ave Bike Lane

If you are upset with all this pesky infrastructure for cycling?

5 comments to Protest against the 1st Ave Bike Lane

  • threadseven

    i think she’s probably just upset because her last name is SICKLICK

  • Jeff

    Will there be ample parking at the protest?

  • Ugh. Don’t give this nutjob any more publicity than she deserves. To get an idea of the brilliant mind behind this protest, read her interview on EV Grieve.

  • honey

    Hey man! How’d this protest turn out? Any results!? Big time props, h.

  • Leonard Cyclic

    One thing I will say, and I’m not making this up or just being mean, and sorry for my political incorrectness, but aforementioned organizer of this protest, well, she smells bad.
    Now, there but for the grace of God go I, and I’ll cut her some slack by speculating maybe that day just wasn’t a shower day, but it was the stale sweet/sour smell of someone who is having a non-shower year.
    Bless her heart.
    Is this a symptom of someone who’s negligent of hygiene on all levels – personal and environmental?