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Videos are back!

First off…Haven’t you heard? Being a Dickhead’s Cool. Hmmm, I dunno. This is a East London take on the fashion trends of hipsters which can easily be applied to one particular area in Brooklyn. At .14 seconds, check out one trend that makes the list…

Did you know they have a championship for Unicycles…Check out this video from the NAUCC
Seen on

NAUCC 2010 from Max Schulze on Vimeo.

Video from the recent THUNDERDOOM event in Detroit’s Dorias Park

What is SSCXWC you ask? Duh, it was the Single Speed Cycle Cross World Championships held in Seattle Washington. Check out this cool helmet cam from the Cross Cat event.

Some BadASS BMX from Seattle’s Zlog Blog sent me this bizarre yet beautiful tribute to Hitchcock.

Hitchcog from Freaxed on Vimeo.

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