2 bikes stolen

2 stolen bikes to report:

Stolen 11/24/10

My Dahon Speed D7 was stolen today on 90 st and 1st ave. $100 reward if found, no questions asked. It has the larger rear rack and reflective tape in the rim between spokes. I also has a ZENBIKES sticker.

Call José 787-627-9225

(not this bike, but close)


My bike was stolen today at the corner of Crosby and Prince.
It is a black woman’s Biachi Milano Parco.
[like this but in black]
It has a black basket and a ladybug bell.
I know that the likelihood that I get it back is slim, but if anyone sees it please contact:
Nadia at or call (404) 202-6399

These theft reports have also been added to my Stolen Bikes Google Map:

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2 comments to 2 bikes stolen

  • Gene

    Duh, the operative question here is always


    Seems the real issue for us dummies who still
    have our bikes attached to us.

  • I can’t understand those people who steal from the others. But my opinion won’t change the world. I think that the authorities could do something about theft.