December 9th-Hearing on Biking in NYC

Got this from Transportation Alternatives:

December 9th, 9:30am, 250 Broadway, Committee Room, 14th Floor

The City Council will hold a hearing on bicycling on Dec. 9th to
address balancing the needs of cyclists with those of other road
users. The hearing will also look at how well the Transportation
Department has worked with community boards to review large-scale road
changes. This hearing stems from complaints, largely regarding
Prospect Park West, and it is going to be essential that we pack the
room with supporters.

It would be spectacular if many of you can plan to attend. You are,
after all, the best of the best! We are collecting RSVPs on our
website so that we can keep track of how many supporters to expect:

You will need a photo ID to get into 250 Broadway. The hearing is
scheduled for 10am, but we anticipate large crowds and a very slow
process getting through security. Please arrive as close to 9:30 as
possible, to ensure that positive voices pack the room.

If you plan to attend, it would be helpful for you to testify in
support of bicycling and bicycle lanes. Anyone can participate and
it’s an easy process. T.A. will be testifying. Members of the public
who would like to testify are allowed two minutes to speak, are asked
to sign-up at the beginning and to submit twenty double-sided copies
of their testimony (if you need help printing copies, let me know). It
is important to speak from your individual experience in your
testimony. We don’t want our common belief in the benefits of
bicycling to be written off as a private interest concern, because it
just isn’t true! Livable streets and safe, sustainable transportation
are in the public interest and these issues resonate with New Yorkers
across many lines. Too often it is only people who are unhappy that
are heard. Let’s make sure that’s not the case on December 9th!

Here are some ideas for talking points that your testimony could include:
A) Bicycling is great for NYC and for New Yorkers. Bike lanes make it
safer for New Yorkers of all ages and abilities to give bike riding a
try. In fact, streets with bike lanes have led to a 40 percent
decreases in crashes for pedestrians, drivers and cyclists, as well as
lowered rates of speeding, according to before and after data gathered
by the DOT.
B) Streets and sidewalks make up 80 percent of our public space in
NYC. Re-thinking how we use our streets and sidewalks and making them
safer through design ensures that we are using our public space in an
equitable way to benefit the majority of New Yorkers who take transit,
walk and increasingly, bike.
C) Bike lanes are safety improvements just like sidewalks. They allow
people to bike safely and they create a predictable place for cyclists
to be on the street. Bike lanes improve bike behavior. Streets with
bike lanes have seen an 84 percent decrease in the rates of sidewalk
D) The bike lanes that the City has added in the past 3.5 years are
encouraging neighborhood friendly bike commuting. Biking is a healthy
thing for New Yorkers—counter-acting epidemics like diabetes and
asthma– and helps clean the air we breathe.
E) All of the bike lanes that have been added are a part of the NYC
Bicycle Master Plan, a citywide plan that was the result of extensive
community input. Every bike lane that has been added has gone through
the Community Board prior to installation, a forum in which all
citizens are allowed to participate. Like sidewalks, bike lanes work
best when they are continuous, and lead to somewhere.

If you would like to testify but are not able to attend the hearing,
you can submit your testimony to caroline[at]transalt[dot]org. But
remember, the more bodies reading testimony in-person, the better!

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