New York Woman killed in Portland Oregon

26 year old Angela Burke was killed in Portland Oregon last week by a drunk driver while walking her bicycle. Here is a report from Portland’s famous bike blogger Jonathan Maus of as he investigated who Angela was as a person and about this tragic loss to our community.
Who was Angela Burke?
Piecing together a picture of who 26-year old Angela Burke was has been difficult. Now I know why.

Today I got a call from her mom, Athena Burke. Ms. Burke, fighting back tears throughout our conversation, said her daughter had just moved to Portland a month or so ago and that she “was lonely and hadn’t found her people yet.” Given what I know about Angela now, I feel like it would have been just a matter of time until some of us would have eventually become her “people.”

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A vigil was held on Monday for Angela in Portland.
(complete set of photos here.)

A report from Bike Portland here.

My condolences to all who knew Angela and her family. However you travel this holiday season, be safe and think of others.

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  • Mrs S

    I just read another report stating:
    After having drinks, he hopped in Pruitt’s Subaru sports car for a ride home. Minutes before hitting Burke, Malakai recalled that Pruitt was showing off his driving skills in what Malakai referred to as a “very nice and very fast” car. “What do you think?!” Pruitt allegedly asked Malakai.

    I hope this guy goes away FOR LIFE and is terrorized every day by what he did.

    Thoughts and prayers to this poor girl.

  • sue