Tumblr this

Maybe you haven’t spent enough time surfing the web.

Once you’ve updated your facebook account, tweeted about it and then checked into foursquare…what’s left.

How about check someone’s Tumblr site. A Tumblr is a really quick way for people to make a website and post really valuable information like this:

One of my personal favorites:
Kim Jong il Looking at Things.

Here is a cool bike related site I was sent from bikeblognyc fan, Steven Rea. It’s a pool of photos of celebrities, mostly from the past, on bikes.

Being a member of the tribe, we would often say things like…”Hey did you know this guy’s Jewish?”
(photo from

Now you can do the same with celebrities…”Hey did you know the Fab 4 rode bikes?”

Check out more at

He really has compiled some great classic shots.

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  • The first photo is funny and disgusting at the same… What is Kim Jong Il doing over there? And why is he coming out through there… Anyway.. I did knew the Beatles rode bikes because they are one of my favorite bands ever.