Bad Biking faces a crackdown in Brooklyn.

You’d think anyone daring to ride a bike in this weather would be rewarded. Tell that to the NYPD. With fewer of us on many of the un-plowed roadways and bike lanes here in the city, the police have decided to “crackdown” on unlawful biking behavior.

Here is the latest from the Brooklyn Paper.

Bikelash! Cops to crack down on two-wheelers
By Thomas Tracy
Brooklyn Paper
January 5th, 2011

Call it a bikelash!

The NYPD has been ordered to begin a borough-wide crackdown that will hit renegade riders for often-overlooked “vehicular offenses” like failing to obey traffic signals and signs, breaking the speed limit, tailgating, and even failure to signal before turning.

Several police sources said on Tuesday that the strict enforcement of safety and vehicle traffic laws — which apply the same to cars as they do to cycles — will begin in a matter of weeks, and that bicyclists caught breaking those rules will be issued a moving violation.

Two-wheelers were stunned to hear that they had risen on the list of police priorities.
Read the whole article here.

Along with a few other fellow bloggers, I may be on CBS’s 1010 WINS tomorrow sounding off about this potential crackdown. We’re meeting John Montone tomorrow right on Jay Street so we can show off all the cars parked in the bike lane and the rampant illegal u-turns.

5 comments to Bad Biking faces a crackdown in Brooklyn.

  • Gene

    Ah yes, U-turns, have probably come closet to sending
    me to Marble Town than any other obstacle out there.
    Mostly Seventh Ave Park Slope at evening rush hour. Why do they
    all have to go THE OTHER WAY all of a sudden?


  • That is too funny! Where’d you find that pic of our new friend John??

  • =v= My first indication of this crackdown came from the 78th Precinct, with the usual form-letter assurances that they were just being fair ‘n’ balanced about enforcement. I presume that means they’ll stop parking in the bike lane now?

  • Angel Fernandez

    Biker Brothers,

    This is simply an attempt by Bloomberg to raise more money for the city. We know the city is strapped and that precinct captains are pushing quotas for parking tickets and moving violations.

    Make no mistake, if we don’t respond by increasing pressure on drivers, we will suffer setbacks on the significant progress made. Its ironic this admin has really promoted bike use, only to then regulate and fine.

    Drivers obstruct bike lanes, pedestrians limit the speed of travel on new designs that place bike lanes between parked cars and sidewalks.

    Riding among cars and being allowed to cross on red lights is not only part of our bike culture, it’s “American”. I just returned from Mexico, and I can tell you the culture there is much slower because they are afraid of cars.

    What’s exceptional about New York is we are not afraid of traffic. If we give up ground, we will only make ourselves vulnerable to more and more rules – defeating the purpose.

  • Wizard

    Bicycles are not cars, why are we being held to the same regulations? When a pedestrian approaches an intersection, looks both ways and sees no cars coming, then crosses, even if the light is red, they dont get ticketed; and that follows basic sense – it’s safe to cross, so cross. Cars are deadly, if they are not operated will full awareness of safety someone outside the car could die. Not so with bicycles. It’s bull.