Bye Bye NY auto show…here comes the Bicycle Show

Remember those bicycle shows put on by Montauk ride tour master Glen Goldstein? They used to be in the Lexington Armory in Manhattan and were a great gathering of bicycle makers, retailers and bike culture scene makers? We definitely have to give Glen a big tip of the hat for attempting to put on such an event and to the guys at the Bike Jumble for carrying on the torch.

Now it looks like a new show is coming to town one day before May, Bike Month.

This time it’s the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show coming to a large 33,000 square ft space in Chelsea: Center 548. (more details to come)

Here is some press about the event:
New York, NY January 13, 2011- New York Press, Manhattan Media’s lifestyle publication for the city’s creative class, and Transportation Alternatives, announce the first New York City bicycle show in five years. The New Amsterdam Bicycle Show: Benefiting Transportation Alternatives promises to dazzle attendees as much as The New York International Auto Show, which will end the same weekend that the bicycle show begins. This pivotal event will take place April 30, 2011, at Chelsea’s new cultural venue Center 548 from 10 am to 7 pm and will kick off Bike Month NYC 2011.

Tickets are now available online at ( and cost $15 for general admission in advance and $20 day of the event. The show will benefit Transportation Alternatives, the advocacy group dedicated to reclaiming the city’s streets from automobiles. TA representatives will be on hand to provide valet bicycle parking to guests as well as safe and useful bicycling tips for new New York City cyclists.

“Our readers are curious about the challenges they face when embracing a cycling lifestyle in the city,” said Jerry Portwood, New York Press editor-in-chief. “We want them to be educated and have a good time discovering the opportunities out there.”

This large bicycle show will feature more than 33,000 square feet of unique bikes and accessories over three huge floors and is geared to promote “the alternative transportation lifestyle” to the ever-growing number of New York City cyclists. Transportation Alternatives recently estimated 201,000 New Yorkers were riding each day in 2010.

“This show heralds New York City as America’s leading bicycle metropolis. It’ll have something special for
everyone, especially those just getting into biking,” said Paul Steely White, executive director of Transportation Alternatives.

Author of The Bicycle Diaries, musician and bicycle advocate David Byrne added: “TA has been in the forefront of helping rebalance our priorities as far as urban transportation goes. For too many decades we all just rolled over and gave the automobile whatever it, the oil companies, and the carmakers wanted. Now we know better—cars are a wonderful invention, but there are greener ways to get around this city. Having a good life in our cities is possible, and these folks are helping bring us closer to that goal.”

As New York City embraces the cycling lifestyle by altering the landscape with hundreds of miles of bike lanes across the boroughs, this new consumer-based bicycle show will feature the many nuances of bike culture—from bikes for commuting, racing, transporting and pleasure rides—as well as those people who are conscious of the environment. The New Amsterdam Show will focus on the future of cycling and the burgeoning New York City bicycle industry, which includes bicycle makers such as Mike Flanigan of A.N.T. and Bowery Lanes Bicycles. Also participating are New York’s specialty shops like Adeline, Adeline, Bicycle Habitat and Brooklyn’s Rolling Orange, as well as many national and international bike brands, designers, bike tours companies and lifestyle accessories.

The New Amsterdam Bicycle Show takes its cue from Amsterdam, Holland’s capital and the friendliest biking city on the globe. The event will also feature information on many bike-centered events related to Bike Month NYC 2011—from organized rides by BIKE NEW YORK to film screenings and fashion shows in and around town.

We invite all bike makers and lifestyle products related to bicycling on a global level to become involved. To find out more about tickets for this event, how to become a sponsor or how to become an exhibitor at The New Amsterdam Bicycle Show, please visit

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