License them all!!

Of all the things going on in this country with high levels of unemployment, foreclosures and stagnation it seems like focusing on bad bicycle behavior is somehow a priority, especially in NYC. Seems rather odd from a city which for the last two years has been telling us to ride our bikes and use all this new infrastructure that has been designed such as 200 miles of new bike lanes and policies allowing bikes into buildings.

Are we expected to believe that the NYPD is listening to it’s citizenry and is fed up with a cyclists breaking the law and somehow in winter when there are the lowest level of ridership that this would constitute a citywide crackdown. Seems rather fishy to me.

Meanwhile this hasn’t stopped a few local politicians from wanting to take things to the next level, such as 24 year old Republican City Councilmen form Queens, Eric Ulrich, who is pushing for mandatory licensing for all cyclists over the age of 18.

This backward thinking has spread to Brooklyn, where one local community board member thinks it’s a good idea to license bikers.

From the Brooklyn Paper:

License ‘em! Sloper wants to put plates on bikes
By Gary Buiso
The Brooklyn Paper
Cyclists will be required to register their rides like their gas-guzzling counterparts under a controversial scheme trumpeted last week by a Park Slope activist.

Nica Lalli, a writer and member of Community Board 6, said her plan makes cyclists as accountable as motorists — and makes it a cinch for cops to ticket two-wheeled scofflaws.
Brooklyn Bridge Realty

“Making it easier to give people tickets with bikes will be good revenue for the city,” said Lalli, who admitted she is not a “bike person,” but that she holds no prejudice against cyclists — including her husband.

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I don’t know, seems a little light handed to me…maybe we should do something more like this as spoofed by New Jersey Star Ledger reporter: Brian Donahue.

Let’s just put the licenses right on people.

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  • Charlie Libin

    I suppose this crackdown initiative is Bloomberg’s way of placating a few loud constituents upset by bike lanes. In June 2005 my next door neighbor newlywed pro-bono lawyer Liz Padilla was killed on 5th Ave (Pk Slope) as she swerved her bike into traffic avoiding a swinging trucker’s door. She was riding within the “suggested” bike lane. Rather than waste inane efforts (licensing) that discourage bikers, let’s be bold and promote more 24/7 bike-only avenues. The bike-only lanes on 9th Ave & along PPW have substantially decreased all types of accidents – slowed traffic and did not rob car owners of precious parking spots. Biking is good for your health and the environment – a no-brainer Marty Markowitz! Fuhggedaboutit! Somehow emulating European Social Democracies with respect to bike-friendliness is seen as un-American. We need more dedicated bike-only lanes and avenues. Bedford Ave, Southbound side of 6th Ave in BK – 1st Ave Manhattan for eg.

  • Charlie Libin

    … In addition to several statistical errors in his Brooklyn Paper anti-bike Op Ed, President of 84th Precinct Community Council Leslie Lewis shows his true colors with this howler:
    “Every single day, I drive to Borough Hall and every single day I see both motorists and bicyclists breaking one rule or another”…. driving to Borough Hall?!?!?