Opinion piece on bicycle Crackdown

Good op-ed piece from Chris O’Shea on how the NYC crackdown on cyclists is unfair.

Crackdown on Cycling Unfair to Cyclists
The NYPD has staged an all-out war on cycling, as if people on two wheels are the only ones who break the law.

By Chris O’Shea | January 29, 2011

I commute to work on my bike nearly every day, barring extreme weather.

Every week day, it’s the same thing: Ride from my Classon Avenue apartment into Manhattan, where I work near Murray Hill. The ride is about seven miles each way, and I love it.

As odd as it sounds, I feel like it gives me some time to be alone in a city where I rarely get that opportunity. I’ve been riding my bike regularly for about eight months now, so I feel like I’ve seen it all.

But now that the NYPD has decided to crackdown on cyclists – the New York Post says they’ve issued a staggering 1,000 tickets in the last two weeks – I’m realizing that maybe I haven’t.

Read the entire article here.

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