Quick roundup for winter riding

So we may be in for more of the snowpocolypse here in NYC. If the unpredictability of the NYPD harassing you–I mean fairly ticketing you in their “crackdown,” hasn’t completely scared you from riding, the bad snowy weather may keep you off your bike till May.

Here is some inspiration for winter riding.

You could always make a few modifications:
(as seen in my favorite cycling blog )

Or just get one of these snowplow bikes:

Check out more of this DIY creation here.

Bicycle Habitat has a good guide for preparing you and your bike for riding in the snow and slush. It’s written by the shop’s own Dave Vollbach.

Check out the slideshow here.

Also its worth mentioning that Bicycle Habitat has a blog now:

They posted this video with some tips on how to handle your bike on slippery road conditions:

If you think we got it bad, check out Adams Carroll who blogs about biking in winter in St. Petersburg Russia.

How To Ride A Bike: Notes on Winter Cycling from Russia
(Photo by: Adams Carroll
Maybe you complain about the cold, but here in St. Petersburg where I live, it is colder. And still, everybody else in Russia lives some place even colder. To stay warm while cycling in winter, first never forget that in Syktyvkar, in Shchuchinsk, in Novosibirsk it is colder. Are you not lucky that it is only -15º C?

No matter where you are, wear lots of clothes. You don’t need special clothes, just lots of them. Wear underwear, long underwear, extra socks, shirts, sweaters, coats, overcoats, hats, scarves, mittens, gloves and more. It helps if they are made of wool and if you have something windproof on the outside. When it is -25º C, your nose hairs freeze as soon as you step outside, but the rest of your body is nice and warm, sealed up like a cosmonaut. Once you start pedaling, your woolen cocoon begins to heat up, everybody you know is literally freezing to death in the street like during the blockade, and you will be sweating.

Read more: here.

Or why not just host a race in this stuff, like they are going to do in Fargo, ND.

But then you might end up in the wood chipper…

For some inspiration, check out this photo series from Toronto:

See more here.

and here in NYC, @bicyclesonly has posted a whole series of commuters from 2011.

Check out his flickr page here.

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