Small government unless of course it’s about bicycles

Give them an inch and well, you know the rest.

With all this hype about correcting “out-of-control” cyclists in NYC you’d think it were a problem with the magnitude of all those Mexican’s stealing our jobs in Arizona. (Also not a priority issue in our country as we are still bogged down in a recession and two illegal wars which this blogger feels is much more important issues effecting our country.)

Regardless the political rhetoric flies about and for some politicians creates openings for more legislation…oddly form a political party that is always going off about TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT CONTROL. So what does Queens Republican City Councilmen Eric Ulrich propose…
You guessed it: Mandatory licensing for cyclists. Why stop there…Let’s just have mandatory forehead barcoding for those law breaking two wheelers.

Don’t forget, this is the city where a judge upheld a ruling that a 4 year old on a bike should be held liable for negligence…SUE YOU…SUE EVERYBODY.

Yep, forget taking responsibility for your own actions…we need lawsuits, and the power for the NYPD to generate more income for the city…not make our streets safer.

Here is a recent article from Gothamist about Mr. Ulrich’s proposed plan.
Bike License Councilman: Cyclists Brought This On Themselves
Unlike the backtracking New Jersey Assemblywoman who withdrew her proposal for mandatory bicycle licenses, City Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Queens) is serious about his bill, and he says there’s support for it in the City Council. Reached by phone, Ulrich elaborated on his proposal, which he cautions hasn’t been officially drafted or introduced yet. “This is so premature,” Ulrich tells us. “I have no specifics about what it will look like. But I imagine that when it is finalized I’ll gain a number of co-sponsors. Many of my colleagues feel similarly and will be supportive.” But it’s not that premature—Ulrich hopes to introduce the legislation on February 2nd.

We asked Ulrich how such a law might affect tourists visiting NYC with their bikes, and he said, “I can’t legislate for people that are outside of my jurisdiction. I’m sure it will be addressed in the final copy of the bill. It would be tough to tell people outside the city what to do.” Ulrich also stressed that the proposal would only apply to adults:

Read more here.

I guess I could be for it if the bill also requires mandatory 2nd degree manslaughter for any motorists who kills a cyclist, 1st degree if it’s while texting or illegally using a cell phone while driving.

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  • Visitor

    As the story says, children over 4, and the child in question was nearly 5, can be sued, based on a precedent stretching back to 1928. If, as alleged, the child was racing her bicycle on the sidewalk, causing her to knock down an elderly woman who had to be hospitalized, the child, and most relevantly, the insurer of the child’s parents, should be held liable.

    Notably, the other child involved did not appeal.

    You don’t race down a sidewalk on a bike. Bike Safety 101.