Stolen Bike

My friend from Time’s Up just had his bike stolen:

please help / report / look out for my ORANGE-MOUNTAIN-BIKE
with a BIG SEAT for my BIG ASS
just stolen ( 8:20PM SAT NIGHT ) 1/15/11
location of theft: BROADWAY ( PRINCE/SPRING)

If you see a listing for an
-orange mountain bike, thud buster shock, VERY Orange, very BIG seat
or see it on the street for sale, whatever.. please contact me!

help a big butt out ( may still have chain lock going thru frame and rear wheel )

Please contact: with any information.

2 comments to Stolen Bike

  • Sam

    I don’t live in your area so I don’t know how feasible this is, but your friend could try visiting the local pawn shops. In my city, that’s where the stolen goods go. Know someone who found all her stuff that got stolen from her car by visiting the pawn shops one by one. Police might help you recover it too, as they are suppose to keep a record of where it comes from. Good luck.

  • call me if you see it

    here’s an updated craigslist posting with pictures