Time’s Up is talking bikes in the New York Times

Executive director of Time’s Up, Bill DiPaola, recently wrote an article for the New York Times East Village Blog.

With the massive influx of tourists to NYC is also coming a more green conscious mindset and outsiders are becoming the newest public space advocates. Out of towners are not only coming for the sights but the green infrastructure, the bike lanes, greenways and less car centric direction the city has taken.

Bill Dipaola explains:

First Person: A Cue From Tourists On Public Space
By BILL DI PAOLA, East Village

The city announced on Tuesday that a record 47.8 million tourists visited New York City in 2010 and in a lot of ways that is good news. There are a plenty of things that bring visitors to New York: a fascinating history, excellent museums, and beautiful public places like Central Park and Prospect Park.

As the city noted, tourists have helped bolster the declining local economy. During his announcement at the conservatory of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that tourists contributed $31 billion last year. They have also played another positive role that has gone largely unnoticed. Tourists, in some ways, have become the newest public space activists. New York City has always been a tough town when it comes to expanding on green infrastructure, like car-free pedestrian malls and bicycle lanes. But this car-centric city is now changing. Tourists have always loved strolling in New York’s gorgeous parks and gardens and now they are also enjoying other amenities like bike lanes, open walkways in Times Square and the greenways that edge the city’s rivers. Visitors love the new green infrastructure and use it heavily – thus creating the demand for more.

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