Twitter is the new 311

Hows this for a direct response.

Jonathan(on twitter: @bkynbiker) and I, were riding home last night from a very productive Time’s Up events meeting. We stopped off at the La Plaza Cultural Garden where they were having a bonfire, a little rebirth for discarded Christmas trees.

On the way back we took the Manhattan Bridge and when we hit the downward ramp on the Brooklyn side it was a solid sheet of ice. I guessed we both assumed since it was above freezing that it would be only water. Both of us took spills, but it was more comical then damaging to our body parts.
I got home and tweeted about this to @nycbridgereport who has been doing an excellent job of reporting on road conditions throughout this years Snowtorious BIG.

Then I got this message from the twitter feed of the DOT: (@NYC_DOT)

And they followed up with this:

Not bad.

So maybe twitter is the new 311 and an effective way to get things taken care of…now if only NYPD Raymond Kelly had a twitter feed.

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  • chris mcnally

    Wow fast work. That offramp has ice frequently, I wonder if it’s a design issue? It would be great if DOT would leave us a bucket of salt at the bottom so we can re-salt when needed.