Updated Stolen Bike

I just wanted to update my first stolen bike report for 2011.
Peter Shapiro a volunteer for the video crew at Time’s Up had his Orange Nashbar mountain bike stolen on the 15th of this month.
Here are a few photos:

Here is the updated listing on craig’s list including Peter’s phone number in case you see this bike or come across it being sold on line.

My Bike was stolen in front of the Old Navy, on Broadway, in SoHo
503 Broadway, between Spring and Broome streets, in NYC

This is an Orange mountain bike with no stickers on it, except a Reynolds 853 sticker, above the bottom bracket.
it has a thudbuster seat shock, and a hobsons proX2 bike seat. (it looks like 2 small loaves of bread). Red cruiser handlebars. two goofy bells. on handlebars. an “I heart my bike”, and an american flag bell. neither work.

Had bike chained to a building stand pipe, with chain going through rear wheel and frame post of bike. I double checked the lock before going in to store.
they might have been able to wedge the chain over stand pipe. or cut it there.
I was in store for 15 minutes.

Date Stolen: Saturday night 7:30pm / 01-15-11
if you see it, call me

The source on Craiglist.

I will be providing this service for a while in 2011 but there are plans in the works to have a more complete map of stolen bikes as part of a new data team which is also going to keep track of all the ticketing going on. Stay tuned for that at

I have started a new google map to report the thefts of 2011 and also make sure to connect and keep an eye on Brooklyn Bike and Board’s stolen registry list as well.

View Bike Theft 2011 in a larger map

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