Worksman Bicycles needs our help

I just read this article in Crain’s about Worksman Cycles in Ozone Park Queens:

Queens bike maker seeks big leg up
Longtime supplier in race for citywide contract; will deep local roots help?

January 30, 2011 5:59 AM
By Hilary Potkewitz

Ever since the city’s Department of Transportation started asking for proposals for a citywide bike-share program in November, a small bike factory in Queens has been trying to get noticed.

“It’s a grassroots effort at this point, but we’re trying to create as much awareness as we can with local businesses, the Department of Transportation and the Mayor’s Office,” says Wayne Sosin, president of Worksman Cycles. In fact, the company has been quietly wheeling out heavy-duty bicycles and tricycles in Ozone Park since the 1890s.

“No other city has the opportunity to source their bicycles from their own local bike manufacturer,” Mr. Sosin adds, noting that Worksman bikes are already used in several smaller U.S. cities’ bike-share programs. “If that didn’t happen in New York, it would be tragic.”

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This reminded me of recent developments with a new potential fleet of taxi cabs for NYC. Non of the potential bids the city was looking at were vehicles made in America.

Seems like a real shame if the city puts 50,000 new bikes on our streets for a potential bike sharing program and non of them are made by one of the oldest manufactures of bicycles, made locally in Ozone Park Queens.

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  • Paul491

    Real Americans need to purchase real American products! We show our loyality by making a small sacrifice and pay a little more. Most importantly we must vote to reduce out-of-control government spending and the out-of-control, privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, both of which are decreasing the value and buying power of the American dollar. Cooperate and individual taxes are driving American businesses overseas. If we don’t wake up and make a stand now, we will forever loose our ability to manufacture. Once manufacturers leave our shores, so will our country’s sovereignty. Mr. & Mrs. American citizen, the choice is entirely yours… As for me I buy American!


  • michelle

    i have a 1898 workmans bike wanted to know the value 24′ model number 59513101