Ride to Rally, Against Walmart

In case you hadn’t heard, small business destroyer Walmart has once again set its sights on opening a store in New York City. They are so determined, they’ve launched an exclusive website for the region along with a smear ad campaign against any city council who stands in opposition.

What’s the big deal? I mean this huge retailer of Chinese products does sell a fixed gear bicycle for under $200.00, right?

Well for those who think bikes should be bought from legitimate establishments, those with qualified professionals who can offer service and repairs and pay employees a fair wage will probably stand in opposition to this big box giant.

There will be a rally at City Hall against Walmart in NYC and Time’s Up is throwing a ride to get the word out.

Details from the Time’s Up Website:

Wal-Mart is Coming!?! Ride to Rally
Thursday, February 3rd, 2011
10:00 AM

Meet at: 156 Rivington St. (between Suffolk & Clinton St in Manhattan’s Lower East Side) ABC No Rio.
Rally at City Hall at 11 AM

Summary: The biggest, baddest big box is threatening to invade our town- Wal-Mart! But we won’t let them destroy our local businesses by hoisting their horrible jobs and sweatshop products on NYC!

Join us for a bike ride as town criers to warn the masses- Wal-Mart is Coming!?! Wal-Mart is Coming!?!

We’re pulling out our best Paul Revere get-ups, the horse heads and bells to make some noise all the way to City Hall to join the rally against Wal-Mart.

See you there! Spread the word!

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